Other South Texas hunting ranches can’t compete with the quality of whitetail deer on our San Antonio land.

 Past guests who have enjoyed whitetail hunting trips on our ranch have complimented the beauty of our accommodations, professionalism of our staff, and (most importantly) the quality of animals available on our hunting ranch.

Check out our trophy room and read the testimonials below,
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My hunting experience at the Blackjack Hunting and Ranching camp was one that I’ll treasure for a lifetime. From the evening that I arrived with other hunters at the camp, the hosts made us all feel at home and treated us like family. The sleeping accommodations were great and the food was better than what you could get from a fancy restaurant. I had the opportunity to deer hunt with several of the hunting guides, and they were very knowledgeable about the ranch and the different areas that the animals were congregated. I had the opportunity to hunt with one of the hunting guides named David, on the last evening of our weekend hunt. He had dropped off the other hunters and guides at various other locations along the way, and we got to the deer blind we were hunting, and we settled in. After being in the blind for about 30 minutes, that evening, there was some deer movement coming into the corn feeder, mostly does and a young buck. A few minutes later, David informed me about a large buck that was coming out of the brush to eat corn in the road, where he had thrown some corn on the way to the blind. I looked at the buck in amazement, noticing how large the body and horns were on this particular deer. He asked me if I wanted this one, and I implied that I did if it was ok with him. After putting him in the scope of my 270 Colt Light rifle, I got buck fever, and had to get my composure for a few seconds, before I shot. After I shot, he disappeared, and I thought I had missed him. David walked down to the area, about 182 yards, where he had been, and was looking for signs if I had hit him or not. David disappeared into the brush in the direction I had seen the buck run after I shot. About 5 minutes or so later he came back out into the road and walked back to the deer blind, while I had my head down thinking I had missed the buck. When David got back into the deer blind he asked me if I wanted to go look at it. I looked at him in amazement and asked “I got it”? He said congratulations, and we high five’d and walked to the buck and I was in awe of what I saw. The largest buck I had ever killed. We loaded it, and went to pick up the other hunters and guides on the way back, and took it to camp, where David and I celebrated the best hunting experience of my life. To top it off the next morning before we left, I, and a couple of others, had the wonderful experience of hunting quail on the ranch with guides and dogs. There were plenty of quail, and we didn’t diminish the quail population too much, since we were out of practice with our shotguns.

Marvin Smith