What Sets Our Texas Hunting Ranch Apart?

If you’re planning your next whitetail hunting trip and you’re not looking in South Texas, you’re looking in the wrong place. Our Texas hunting ranch calls the Golden Triangle home, and for good reason — this area is unquestionably home to the best whitetail hunting in the Lone Star state.

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Trophy Whitetail Hunting in the Golden Triangle


Ask any whitetail hunting enthusiast the best location for a Texas hunting ranch: the Golden Triangle is the answer. Known for its brush, the Triangle is home to large hunting ranches and land tracts with a limited whitetail deer harvest.

According to the Boone & Crockett Club, our nation’s top-ranked counties for whitetail hunting, Dimmitt (#1) and Webb (#2), both call the Golden Triangle home, along with LaSalle, Maverick, and Zavala counties.


Why is the Golden Triangle known as the capital of trophy whitetail deer hunting? Whitetail deer love the special combination of phosphorus, calcium, and crude proteins in the area’s native vegetation, which total over 1,500 different species.

The Triangle’s red soil is rich in minerals, promoting healthy growth to the plants that whitetail deer consume. The plants have also adapted to the low precipitation in South Texas and capitalize on the spring and summer rain, so drought is not an issue, and the region meets every whitetail deer’s dietary needs.


But if you’ve ever gone whitetail hunting, you know that a region run amok with deer doesn’t always make for the best whitetail hunting experience, as the quality of the population can get diluted.

Thanks to natural predators and the guests of our Texas hunting ranch, the whitetail herds are culled and an ideal buck to doe ratio is preserved. We carefully pick what we stock our ranch with, ensuring that it mixes with the natural game aldready indigenous to the golden triangle. Along with deer management best practices our hunting ranch employs, herd control is not an issue in the area.

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The Golden Triangle isn’t just the ideal habitat for whitetail deer — it’s a whitetail hunting lover’s dream.

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